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Winter sleeping feet cold how to do?

Kobe Yin 2018-10-31 13:39:57
1.Soak your feet before bed to keep them warm

Soaking your feet before bed is the most effective way to warm up your feet.In Chinese medicine, if your feet are warm, your body will be warm.If the head is cold, the body is not warm enough to fall asleep.So suggest winter often should use hot bubble foot, bubble is about 20 minutes or so every time, water immersion to the ankle is better more than two or three inches, the water temperature within the scope of the 41-45 ℃, feet just bubble into the water to feel very hot feet slightly.After bubble, go to sleep again, can promote blood circulation effectively, have the effect that keeps warm, insist bubble period of time, still can recuperate body cold.

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2.Eat warm foods in winter

People with cold feet should avoid eating raw and cold food and eat more warm food.Such as beef, lamb, ginger, red jujube, walnuts and so on, to fill the blood, promote blood production and blood circulation of great help.If your feet are cold, see your doctor and ask him or her to prescribe medication for your physical attributes.

3. You can use some warm equipment to sleep in winter

Cold hands and feet, is very affecting the quality of sleep.If you don't sleep well at night, you won't be able to warm your feet.Therefore, we can use some warm equipment, the quilt cover is thicker, we can use the hot water bottle, or we can open the electric blanket before sleeping, warm up the bed, turn off when sleeping, the electric blanket should not be open all night, can also use the warm foot paste.

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