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Look at your underlying personality in your favorite socks 4

Kobe Yin 2018-10-26 15:17:41
1.Plain coloured socks

2.Striped socks

3. Spot-pattern socks

4. Diamond pattern socks

5. Curved striped socks

6. Heart-shaped socks

7. Flower-pattern socks

8. Multicolored quilted socks

Choose your floral socks

You are an optimist, and your sunny and optimistic personality can infect everyone around you, and you are also a symbol of positive energy, so you will also become a dustbin for people around you.But no one is always happy, so you can act out when you're unhappy and let others comfort you.Not only will it not affect your warm nature, it will make you happier.

Choose a multicolored patchwork sock for you

You are self-aware, confident and have the courage to speak up.You were born for the stage.At parties, friends like to hear you tell funny and interesting stories.You always get the attention of a crowd and are very popular.You need to be careful not to overexpress yourself and let the people around you lose any opportunities.You may be a natural fit for the stage, but the people around you may need more practice and effort, and teaching them some experiences will make your relationships better.