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Should you wear socks when your feet are cold in winter?

Kobe Yin 2018-11-21 14:52:11
1. The advantage of wearing socks to bed in winter

Wearing socks on a cold day is very conducive to sleep, which can increase the blood flow of the feet, and can transfer the heat in the core area of the body to the terminal, so that the body is slightly cooled, inducing sleepiness.One study found that the temperature of the feet is closely related to the quality of sleep.Take off socks to sleep, can reduce the temperature of the feet, to promote sleep adverse.As a result, it is recommended that you wear socks when you go to bed undressed, and keep your feet at a high temperature, which will help you fall asleep and improve your sleep.

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2. Don't wear socks if it's uncomfortable to sleep in them

Our bodies have a selection mechanism. If it is good for us, after a period of time, the body will automatically accept it, and if it is not good for our health, it will reject it.That said, if you don't feel comfortable sleeping with socks on, don't wear them.It could be that the socks you choose are too tight and affect the normal circulation of your legs, which is why there is discomfort.

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3. Wear comfortable socks to bed in winter

Wear socks to sleep must pay attention to the comfort of the feet, too tied foot socks, will let the feet produce discomfort, this discomfort will press your peripheral nerve, obstructed foot blood circulation.Wearing tight socks can also affect sleep quality, and both men and women should wear socks that are warmer and more breathable.

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