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What does it mean to give socks presents?

Kobe Yin 2018-11-24 14:18:56
The meaning that gives sock has a lot of, it is the sock that the girl gives boy commonly.Socks symbolize the meaning of life!"Flower socks" wrote that "give their loved ones a pair of flower socks" can be together for life!

The meaning that sends sock also can be explained from literal, sock belt watch is warm, the girl gives boy sock, the meaning that this sends sock among them represented to let him warm from the body to the heart, it is very sweet.

Girls send socks with the meaning of warm.If a boy sends socks to a girl, the meaning of sending socks adds a few more love and tolerance. Wearing socks sent by a lover every day warms the body and the heart, and has an inclusive care that starts from the feet.

The meaning that sends sock has a lot of, see you how to understand, valentine's day, the meaning that sends sock got up romantically again, representing a love, a joy, a consideration!

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Of course, the meaning of socks given by girls can be more humorous, such as:

Reason one: this means that the boy is very expensive socks, because the boy like to wear not wash, become smelly throw.Afraid of being known by girls, damage image.Boys later become socks are few, girls in order to care about boys, so send socks.

Reason two: disgusted with the boy's feet are too smelly, with new socks can cover up the smell.

Reason three: this girl does not know what should send a boy.The socks came to my mind, so I sent them.

Reason four: hope sock can resemble you two namely, from beginning to end do not separate.

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