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This kind of socks should never be worn by babies

Kobe Yin 2018-11-28 14:15:23
Speaking of how to choose socks for the baby, the treasure mothers will say: wearing socks for so many years, who will not choose socks, as long as the comfortable style is not good?There are a lot of parents feel that socks is a small matter, not so much knowledge.But is that really the case?

So how do babies choose their socks?Small make up to do a tidy up, I hope to give you a little help mother bao.In short, when choosing socks for your baby, just pay attention to the following points.

1. Loose sock with short hose

Before the baby's leg has not fully developed, it can be said that there is no ankle, the calf is relatively short, in the choice of socks, socks tube should not be too long, in addition to the mouth of socks should be a little loose, after the baby put on a finger in the heel is not feeling the best is the state.

2. Good quality and feel

Usually treasure mothers buy baby socks clothes will ask if it is pure cotton, but in fact, there is no 100% cotton clothing, generally containing more than 60% cotton can be called pure cotton.

Pure cotton clothing has better moisture absorption characteristics, sweat will be quickly absorbed, but its moisture and permeability is somewhat unsatisfactory.Babies will inevitably feel uncomfortable and susceptible to colds.

A good pair of socks contains cotton, but other ingredients are also important.Add the right proportion of blended fiber and advanced cotton yarn, socks will achieve the effect of moisture absorption and drainage synchronization, so as to make socks more smooth and elastic, more warm and breathable.

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