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Why are you cold hands and feet?

Kobe Yin 2019-03-30 10:13:59
Generally, cold hands and feet may be caused by body cold. Like many girls, there will be problems with cold hands and feet, but boys are rare. On the one hand, it is due to male masculine, female yin, plus girls every month. Menstruation will lose the body's iron, so girls will be more prone to cold problems than boys, on the other hand, girls may prefer to eat some cold foods, which is also easy to cause Body cold, cold hands and feet.

How to improve the coldness of hands and feet?

Method 1: Internal adjustment

We have cold hands and feet, not just wearing socks. To solve this problem fundamentally, the best way is probably to adjust internally. We can choose the method of diet, which is in diet. Eat some foods rich in iron, longan, black fungus and soy products, as well as eat more nourishing foods, such as white fungus, red dates, sputum and the like, of course, the most important thing is to adjust according to physical conditions.

Method 2: Quit cold drinks

Whether in the summer or in the winter, you should not eat cold drinks, change to warm water, cold drinks really do not quench your thirst as you think, but warm water can better quench your thirst, you don't feel very hot sometimes When the mouth is very thirsty, I ate cold drinks, but the mouth was even dry. Girls really don’t want to eat cold drinks anymore. Cold drinks not only cause body cold, but also may cause palace cold. This is what Prince Wen said, cold drinks. Ice cream is not good for girls.

Wearing socks can't solve the problem of cold hands and feet. The coldness of your hands and feet may be related to body cold, so don't wear socks and sleep, 90% of people are wrong! I didn't expect this sleep to be like this. If you also have the bad habit of sleeping and wearing socks, change it quickly!