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The disadvantage of sleeping with socks on

Kobe Yin 2019-03-29 11:00:27
The bad one: may press the soles of the feet

We all know that the sole of the foot is a part of the body'sacupuncture points. Different acupoints have their own functions. Generallyspeaking, we wear socks in the daytime and basically do not affect theseacupuncture points. In most cases, we are walking around, this is movingaround. To some extent, it can also play a certain massage effect, but theproblem is that at night, the feet are in a state of rest. At this time,wearing socks, it may press the soles of the feet and reduce the efficiency ofblood circulation.

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Do you think that your hands and feet are cold, can you easeyour sleep by sleeping at night? Tell you, this is just a cure, don't wearsocks and sleep, 90% of people are wrong! I didn't expect this sleep to be likethis, scare I don't dare to sleep in socks anymore. So what are thedisadvantages of sleeping in socks? How can we improve the coldness of thishand and foot?

The bad two: You might get athlete's foot

Some people like to wear thick cotton socks when they sleep atnight. They feel that the feet will be warmer. This will make the feet feelwarmer, but after a long time, the feet will easily sweat and sweat, especiallyif you are still In the case of covering the quilt, the sweat is difficult toevaporate, and it will accumulate in the socks. In this humid environment, itis easy to breed bacteria, and athlete's foot is caused by this fungalinfection. Sleeping in socks may be better than not. Wearing socks is morelikely to have athlete's foot.

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