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Advantages and disadvantages of stockings

Kobe Yin 2019-04-02 11:02:35
Stockings are thick, elastic stockings that reach the thigh in length. There are two most common colors for stockings: white and black.

Stockings can be seen as a type of sports socks. The texture of the stockings is similar to that of sports socks. It can keep warm and keep warm, promote blood circulation in the legs, and is also suitable for sports. If you want to wear a skirt in the spring and autumn or early winter, it is a good choice to wear long stockings.

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People who have been standing for a long time have more or less varicose veins in the lower extremities, but the degree of severity is not the same. Varicose veins of the lower extremities is a disease that is more cumbersome to treat, and it requires serious surgery. Therefore, the best way is to prevent it from happening. When the symptoms are not obvious, take precautionary measures. Wearing elastic stockings is a kind of A good way to help blood enter larger and deeper veins.

In addition, when traveling on a long-distance trip, the blood is not well circulated due to insufficient movement of the legs, which greatly increases the risk of thrombosis. If you wear elastic stockings and exercise properly when you are flying, the risk of thrombosis will be greatly reduced. In addition, women wearing long stockings can also beautiful legs, making the legs smooth and delicate.

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The pores on the skin can be fully opened when the temperature is high to remove heat from the body and lower the body temperature. The skin wrapped in stockings does not dissipate heat properly, which is not only uncomfortable, but may also cause heat stroke. The sweat is not discharged smoothly, and the metabolites of the skin are tightly wrapped in the stockings. When accumulated a little more, it will irritate the skin and cause itching.

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