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How to use stockings

Kobe Yin 2019-04-11 10:32:19
Prevent slippage

Stockings are easy to slide because the sock is easy to curl, and the following small method can prevent the stockings from slipping:

First put a coin on the side of the stockings of the stockings, then roll the socks down and you're done. This is because the legs of the person are getting thinner from top to bottom. Because the lower part is thinner than the top, the stockings of the stockings are easy to loose, and the stockings that are rolled up have a certain weight, and the stockings are It started to slip, which means that the more stockings rolled up, the more it slips. Put a coin in the sock, the stockings will not roll, and the stockings will not fall. In addition, the coins are very light and slippery, and they don't feel uncomfortable.

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Soak the new stockings that have not yet passed through in warm water for a while, wring them out or dry them with a dryer and then burn them with a low temperature iron. The stockings thus treated have a much improved durability.

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When washing stockings, try to choose warm water for hand washing. Do not throw it into the washing machine for cleaning. The ripples of the washing machine will cause the socks to be severely damaged, resulting in the loss of the elasticity and luster. If you want to wash with a washing machine, it is best to put the stockings in a gauze net bag and then put it in the washing machine for cleaning. If you wash by hand, do not use hard soap to polish or sprinkle with detergent. It is best to use a detergent to gently rub your hands. After the socks are washed, try not to force them to break the fiber structure of the stockings, and the stockings will be damaged. Don't use rubber plaster to patch or stitch with a thread, which will not only work, but will destroy the beauty.

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