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What socks are suitable for people with sweaty feet? How to reduce sweating?

2021-10-27 11:34:46

People who have a lot of sweat on the feet often make the soles of the feet wet and uncomfortable. In severe cases, sweating like beads can easily cause sweat herpes and tinea pedis. Because sweat contains more fatty acids and has a special smell after decomposition, it will cause foot odor, which is unhygienic. It also disgusts others, and patients often worry about it. Choosing the right socks plays a very important role in preventing athlete's foot and sweating. How do patients with foot sweat choose socks?

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Material selection

The natural fiber content should be more than 55% to effectively absorb sweat and reduce foot odor. There are 3 types of natural fibers: cotton, hemp and mulberry silk, which have strong moisture absorption and air permeability, especially the performance of hemp, pure cotton The material is soft and comfortable to wear.

It is not advisable to choose chemical fiber socks, because chemical fiber has poor moisture absorption and air permeability, so if people with sweaty feet wear it, the sweat on the feet is not easy to absorb, and it is more prone to foot odor. It is recommended to choose socks with strong moisture absorption and air permeability.

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Choice of thin and thick socks

Decide whether to choose thin or thick socks according to your own situation. For some sports, such as running or playing basketball, because of the large amount of exercise, your feet are prone to sweat, so you should choose thicker socks. In addition, if the ankle joint is injured, thick socks should also be worn, which can fix and protect the ankle. For badminton, too thick will affect the foot feel, so choose a thinner one.

For patients with severe foot sweats, the toes are tightly packed when wearing ordinary socks, and they are not breathable. At the same time it is easy to breed bacteria and increase the infection rate, resulting in frequent itching, blisters and even breakage between the toes. If you have severe foot sweats, it is recommended to wear five fingers Socks are more conducive to sweating and perspiration, and they are more hygienic, and to a certain extent, they can inhibit fungal infections.

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Choosing the right socks is just to minimize the probability of foot odor and athlete's foot. The problem must be solved fundamentally, and daily attention should be paid to:

(1) Pay attention to cleanliness, keep your skin dry, keep your feet clean, wash several times a day, and change socks frequently.
(2) It is not advisable to wear non-breathable shoes such as sports shoes and travel shoes, so as to avoid excessive sweating and aggravation of foot odor.
(3) Actively eliminate predisposing factors, such as foot sweat and athlete's foot.
(4) Don't eat foods that easily cause sweating, such as peppers, raw onions, and raw garlic.
(5) Emotions should be calm, emotional excitement can easily induce hyperhidrosis and aggravate foot odor.