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The matching of socks and sandals

2021-10-28 15:05:38

The primary function of socks is to protect the feet, followed by fashion accessories. Why do some socks match sandals? There are nothing more than two reasons, one is to protect the feet, and the other is to pursue fashion.

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Why is the combination of socks and sandals to protect the feet?

Compared with the squeezing and stuffy feet of ordinary shoes, wearing sandals is really comfortable and relaxing, without the feeling of being restrained. The sandals themselves are very breathable and cool. After putting on socks, they feel superfluous. It is a bit nondescript to wear socks originally for the sake of coolness, but many people ignore one point. For people with sweaty feet, they actually wear sandals. After that, the feet are not cool, especially the soles of the feet. Excessive sweat and the soles will form a very uncomfortable lubrication feeling. This unsmoothed foot sweat will always have a sour smell under the fermentation of bacteria, so Wearing socks is to absorb sweat to keep the soles of the feet dry and not odorous, so that as long as the socks are changed frequently every day, there will be no sour smell on the feet and in the shoes.

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In the tropics, the autumn temperature after rain is moderate and comfortable, but the feet wearing sandals will feel a little cool,Wearing a pair of socks at this time can keep you warm and avoid the sultry heat of wearing ordinary shoes. And now people are accustomed to turning on the air conditioner indoors, so the temperature difference between the outdoor and the indoor is large, and it will be cold if you wear sandals directly,Wearing socks can just keep you warm and not stuffy.

Sandals with socks-in pursuit of fashion

It is not easy to wear sandals with socks to look good,Nowadays, many people who pursue fashion have two main matching directions in the matching of socks and sandals:

1. The matching of the same color
The socks are the same color as the shoes,They are quite satisfactory and look very coordinated. The socks are the same color as the tops or small accessories on the body, giving people the overall feeling that they are very suitable and fashionable.

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2. The combination of bright colors
The socks and the body are matched with contrasting colors,This kind of color matching is very bold,If the color matching is too strong, it will feel abrupt, and the effect will be a disaster. If the colors are well matched and coordinated as a whole, it will feel very fashionable.

Many people may not understand this kind of outfit, but The matching of socks and sandals does have its own advantages in comfort and unlimited fashion, Can show your creation boldly.