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Is it okay to wear socks to sleep in winter?

2021-10-26 16:45:53

As the weather gets colder and colder, many people are prone to cold hands and feet, especially in winter, when they always feel that their feet are cold when they sleep, they think of wearing socks to sleep to keep warm, but many people think that wearing socks to sleep No, I feel awkward physically, so can I wear socks to sleep?

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In fact, whether you wear socks to sleep varies from person to person. If you are born with a cold body, and your hands and feet are cold even in summer, you may wish to wear socks when you sleep in winter to keep your feet warm. Otherwise, the feet will be very cold, which will affect sleep and body regulation, and you will not sleep soundly.

Our body has its own selection mechanism. If it is good for the body, the body will automatically accept it after a period of time, but it will reject it if it is not good for the health. In other words, if you feel uncomfortable to sleep wearing socks, don't wear them.

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Many people don't like to wear socks while sleeping, based on the following aspects:

1. The body's metabolism is carried out all the time, especially the feet are prone to sweating. When you wear socks, it will have a greater impact on perspiration. This will actually provide better conditions for the growth, reproduction, and infection of foot fungi, and it is easy to cause athlete's foot. .
2. We sleep better when our whole body is in a relaxed state. In this relaxed, comfortable and free environment, we can relieve fatigue through sleep. If you wear socks, you will actually feel that your feet are constrained, which is not conducive to the extension of the feet, and the corresponding sleep is definitely not comfortable.

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Do you want to wear socks when you sleep? According to your physical needs, many women’s feet are cold in winter, making it difficult to fall asleep. You might as well wear a pair of looser, comfortable socks.