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Can you wear socks when you sleep?

2020-11-10 17:52:52

In freezing weather, many people wear socks to keep warm, and even sleep in them. However, there are different opinions on whether to sleep with socks. Some people claim that it can warm the body and make it easier to fall asleep; but there are also claims that it will hinder blood circulation and affect health.

However, according to scientific research by relevant authoritative experts, taking off the cotton socks while falling asleep will reduce the temperature of the soles of the feet and adversely affect the quality of sleep. If you wear socks to sleep, you can quickly get into the quality of sleep due to the higher temperature of your feet, which is beneficial to improve sleep.

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Is it okay to wear socks to sleep?

Many people are prone to cold hands and feet, especially in winter. Many women’s feet are cold, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. They always feel that their feet are cold when they sleep, and they think of wearing socks to sleep to keep warm, but there are many People think that wearing socks to sleep is not good, and they feel very awkward physically.

In fact, whether wearing socks to sleep is good or not varies from person to person. Wearing socks to sleep has advantages and disadvantages.
If you feel that your feet are cold or cold when you fall asleep, wear socks to sleep, but wear looser cotton socks as much as possible. Or when entering the quilt, first wear cotton socks, and when you feel that the whole body is warm enough to enter the quality of sleep, then take off the cotton socks and fall asleep. Remember to dress loosely.

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If you feel uncomfortable sleeping in socks, don't wear them. Our body has its own selection mechanism. If it is good for the body, the body will automatically accept it after a period of time.
while it will reject the bad for health,In other words, if you don't feel good sleeping after wearing socks for a few days, you don't need to wear them. Maybe it shouldn't be worn at night, maybe it's too tight.

Baby wear socks while sleeping

It is common for babies to wear socks when they sleep. The baby is growing and developing and cannot adjust the temperature well. It is difficult to adapt when the temperature is lowered. Once the feet are cold, it is easy to cause chills. After all, cold is born from the feet.

Wearing socks can prevent the cold from entering the body through the feet. At the same time, as far as the choice of socks is concerned, looser socks should not restrain your baby's ankles.

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Wearing the right socks will also have many health benefits. For example, in places where there is no heating or air conditioning in the south, the bed will be wet and cold in winter. At this time, wear a pair of comfortable loose cotton socks and put a hot water bottle beside your feet. I will sleep well all night at night. As the saying goes, you should keep your head cool and your feet warm, which is not unreasonable. Or some northerners have very hot home heating and often expose their feet at night. In this case, you might as well wear a pair of loose cotton socks to avoid cold feet.