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Although the socks are "small", they are "exquisite"

2021-01-06 16:23:52

Socks may seem ordinary, but socks are chosen and worn. A good pair of socks can absorb sweat, keep warm, ease the friction between feet and shoes, and some can also absorb shock, protect joints, and inhibit bacteria(New Antibacterial Socks on Sale). What kind of socks are best and how should they be worn?

1. Pay attention to the material. Many people choose socks whether they look good, especially for women. Some people choose the cheapest socks directly according to the price because they often need to be replaced. These ideas are incorrect. Socks may seem ordinary, but they are necessities in daily contact with the skin for a long time. Their material and craftsmanship are more important than appearance and price. The wrong choice of socks may endanger your health.

In terms of material, you should generally choose cotton fiber-based socks with an appropriate amount of elastic fiber. (Polka Dot Cotton Socks Supplier)This can make people feel comfortable, but also has the advantages of sweat absorption, ventilation, warmth, skin-friendly, and antistatic. It is an ideal material. On the other hand, although some socks look very good-looking, pay attention to their craftsmanship. If the socks have bright colors, pungent smell, and serious color fading during washing, it may be that poor quality dyes have been used and the color fastness is unqualified, which may cause adverse effects on human health.

2. The mouth of the socks should be above the ankle joint. The ankle joint is one of the seven major joints of the human body. From the physiological structure, there is more skin and less flesh, and more tendons and less fat. The subcutaneous fat and muscles are weaker. Therefore, the ankle joint has relatively weak resistance to cold and is more susceptible to cold

As a measure to protect the ankle joint, socks are recommended to be longer than the ankle joint. Even in the hot summer, the socks should not be lower than the ankle height, especially for women and children. Because, on the one hand, many people like to wear skirts or shorts in summer, which cannot protect their ankles; on the other hand, many people like to stay in air-conditioned rooms, as cold evil directly attacks the human body. Therefore, wearing socks in summer should consider the issue of keeping warm.

3. People with lower extremity circulatory disorders should wear stockings healthily, lower extremity circulatory disorders or those at high risk of lower extremity circulatory disorders, such as lower extremity varicose veins(Medical Compression Socks Wholesales),lower extremity arteriosclerosis, vasculitis, diabetes, heart and kidney dysfunction, tumors, and long-term When choosing socks for bedridden and elderly people, you can refer to the following points.

The socks should not be too tight. Too tight the socks will increase the blood circulation resistance of the lower limbs, aggravate the circulation ischemia of the lower limbs, and increase the risk of thrombosis in the lower limbs. Therefore, you should choose socks with appropriate tightness. The material should be sweat-absorbent and breathable. If the socks are too thick or have poor ventilation performance, when a lot of sweat occurs, the feet will easily breed bacteria.

People with lower limb circulation disorders are prone to ulcers due to poor blood supply to the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Once ulcers occur, foot bacteria can enter the subcutaneous tissues and muscles from the wound, causing skin and soft tissue infections, and even entering the bloodstream to cause sepsis. Therefore, you should choose socks with appropriate thickness and good breathability. For those with lower limb circulation disorders, choose light-colored socks as much as possible. This is because light-colored socks are easier to detect in time whether the skin is damaged, especially for diabetic patients. Because if there is neuropathy at the same time, such people will not be sensitive to pain, even if the skin is damaged, it is not easy to detect.