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Why wear socks for running?

2020-10-27 11:56:25

Because the material inside the shoes is not skin-friendly, socks are similar to underwear, so you need to consider the acceptance of the skin. Most shoe design is to consider the situation of wearing socks.

The main functions of socks:

1. Reduce the friction between the feet and the shoes to ensure the comfort of the feet. If you do not wear socks when running, the friction between the feet and the shoes can easily cause the feet to be injured, commonly known as rubbing the feet.

2. It can absorb moisture and wick away sweat and prevent foot odor. When running, the feet will sweat a lot. After putting on socks, it can absorb sweat.

3. It can keep you warm. Wearing socks for running in cold weather can keep warm.

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Socks are divided into short stockings, middle stockings, and stockings. The stockings are worn to the thigh and are not used for running. We will not discuss them here. There are also shorter socks. We classify several kinds of running socks according to tube length from low to high and introduce as follows:

Invisible socks, boat socks (No-Show anklet) are from the toes to below the ankles, and the socks are basically flush with the shoes. Don't worry, this kind of socks will not slip off although they are short. This kind of running socks are suitable for running in summer or on track and field. Anti-friction and moisture wicking functions are certainly no problem. There is no need to consider warmth. This kind of socks is often thin. The main decorative purpose of invisible socks is for girls. Because they want to fully show the curve of the legs, the socks are not good-looking, so they will wear invisible socks, which are usually worn during sports or sports and leisure styles.

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short stockings: length from the toes to above the ankles, slightly longer than the tube of the invisible socks, just covering the ankles. The purpose of socks is similar to that of invisible socks. Some people like to wear socks with a slightly higher tube. It is purely a matter of personal preference. Of course, socks also have some protective effect on the ankle. In addition, some running shoes have a heel or mouth that is slightly High friction to the skin of the ankle bone, then wearing invisible socks may not provide protection, socks are more suitable.

short Middle socks: length from the toes to the middle of the calf. This type of socks is the most common. QuarterCrew is a relatively short socks, which is more suitable for jogging. Crew is a medium-height socks that can cover more calves, provide warmth and compression. Trail runners prefer to wear this type of socks. TallCrew's socks are longer, covering close to the knees. There are thorny bushes on cross-country roads. Socks will be longer. In cold weather, socks will be longer. On the contrary, they will be shorter. The trend of socks length is getting longer and longer. No matter the weather, running socks with individual patterns are regarded as the trend. Symbolic.

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Kneehigh socks: Length from toe to below knee. This kind of knee-to-the-knee socks are more called compression socks, which provide support for the calf, ankle, and arch of the foot. This kind of socks is suitable for long-term running, such as long-distance cross-country, super horse, and cold weather, and they are often thicker.