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How do men wear stockings, both gentleman and trendy

2020-10-28 14:19:03

Sometimes a bright outfit is not necessarily focused on a large area of items. People tend to ignore those small details. Socks are one of them! Many boys will deliberately wear invisible socks and feel that it is very easy to expose socks. Destroying beauty, socks are actually the simplest item that can highlight the style of wearing, so how should men wear stockings?

1. As a necking

Men’s socks don’t need ninja shoes or ninja trousers. Use stockings to wear sports trousers into a neck-like style. You can easily create Cyberpunk style with stockings. White stockings with looped details light up the overall outfit. , Cyberpunk, which blends sporty and futuristic style, has more street-level liveliness, simply mix and match stockings to create a special style!

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2. Pair with slippers or sandals

Many people may think that wearing stockings with slippers, men's growth stockings are easy to wear rustic, accidentally like the veteran uncle of the neighbor next door. Its practical and simple logo stockings can get rid of the old-fashioned feeling. You can choose stockings with larger logo patterns to highlight the key points, or low-key styles with tiny patterns to balance the overall wear. If you find it inconvenient to go out with slippers, you can change to sandals!

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3. Pair with lap shorts

Knee shorts are the key points that boys want to wear in summer, but the legs will be slightly monotonous when they show a lot of area. You can match stockings with the same color as the shoes, and choose the style with the pattern in the socks to shrink the shoes. There is more extension in the place, avoiding too many color blocks in the shoe to cut and appear short, so that not only can grow taller, but the overall wear is also richer!

4. Nine pants details

The formal way to wear a suit and stockings is to choose the style of the same color as the suit, mainly to avoid the condition of revealing the skin when sitting or walking to modify the leg shape. You can also wear stockings of the same color in the ninth pants you usually wear to extend your visual sense, or choose a full-page style with a special color, which faintly reveals the highlights of wearing, and you can bring out the key points in an instant!

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How to choose and buy socks?

Most of the socks on the market are mainly cotton socks, mainly because of the difference in cotton content and cotton quality. Generally, it can be called pure cotton socks if the cotton content is more than 75%, and more than 85% are relatively high-end cotton socks. The other ingredients are some polyester fibers and elastic fibers. There are also more high-end products that will join Lycra, whose main function is to increase the elasticity and wear resistance of the socks. Secondly, according to the difference of yarn weaving and textile technology, there are two common cotton and combed cotton. Combing is more textured and durable than ordinary cotton socks, and the price will be higher. To judge the fabric, just look at the cotton content and cotton quality.

How long is a pair of socks valid?

Socks are recommended to be changed and washed every day. The same pair of socks can be worn only a few times a month for half a year to a year. If you wear it frequently, it is recommended to throw it away in three months.

However, it depends on the degree of fabric wear and deformation. It is not recommended to wear the same pair of socks for more than two days in a row, because one night does not allow the socks to fully dry, and long-term wearing of bacteria can cause foot odor。

so it is best to change them every day.