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Do you know these functions of compression socks?

2020-11-13 17:09:17

Compression stockings are not born for running, they were first used for treatment
Compression stockings (medical) have been used in patients with chronic venous insufficiency decades ago, through the gradient pressure from bottom to top, from large to small, to improve venous blood return and reduce swelling and thrombosis of the lower limbs. So what is the principle?

As we all know, the heart drives the blood flow throughout the body. When the blood flows back to the veins through the arteries and capillaries, the power has been significantly attenuated, and the venous blood of the lower limbs back to the heart needs to overcome gravity to do work. Will venous blood flow back? Hey, the human body is magical. There are usually double-valve-shaped valves in the veins. When returning from bottom to top, the valves are attached to the wall of the blood vessel without obstruction. Once standing or other reasons cause the venous pressure to increase , The two valves will open, preventing the venous blood from flowing back.

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However, standing or sitting for too long, the venous blood return of the calf will be slow, and you will feel swelling and numbness of the calf. However, patients with chronic venous insufficiency usually have symptoms such as slow blood flow in the lower limbs and valve insufficiency. The common one is varicose veins. At this time, applying a bottom-up pressure can promote the return of venous blood and at the same time give the valve A positive pressure helps to perfect the valve function, which is the function of compression stockings. Therefore, the main function of compression stockings in medical treatment is to promote venous return and prevent deep vein thrombosis.

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Sports protection of compression socks

After prolonged exercise, the blood flow of the calf increases, and under the action of gravity, blood (and tissue fluid) is pooled in the lower limbs, causing blood circulation to slow down, and insufficient oxygen supply to the muscles, making people feel the entire calf muscles swell, sore, and sink.

Compression socks can alleviate this problem. The elastic gradient fabric is used to generate pressure to fully wrap and compress the calf, thereby playing a role. More importantly, it promotes the return of venous blood and reduces blood stasis and swelling in the lower limbs. Let you run more easily and recover faster.

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On off-road tracks, compression socks are more helpful

Because the cross-country race is conducted in mountainous terrain, the terrain is complicated and there are many uncertain factors. Without wearing leg covers, it is very easy to be scratched by roadside weeds or treetops. At the same time, in cross-country running, the entire leg is in different changes in rapid and instant jumps, the compression leg cover can play a role in supporting, stabilizing, and reducing shaking and damage.