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Why wear socks in summer?

2021-05-13 19:29:56

In summer, many people still wear formal clothes and leather shoes in the workplace. So choose thin socks in summer, which will not be stuffy. Of course, many people choose to wear sandals or high heels without socks. So is there any harm in not wearing socks?

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Our feet are prone to sweating in summer. Wearing shoes without socks, especially leather sandals, plastic sandals and even high heels that are not very permeable will make the skin of the feet soak in sweat directly, and the feet and shoes will last for a long time. The contact area will turn white. At the same time, fungus can easily grow in the hot and humid environment, which can also cause fungal infection of the feet. Seriously affect our foot health.

In addition, there is no socks for protection. The result of frequent "close contact" between feet and shoes is that it is easy to make the stratum corneum of the heel and other parts that often come into contact with shoes become longer and thicker, making the feet rough and increasing the chance of other health problems.

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When walking barefoot for a long time, skin redness, pimples, blisters and other symptoms may appear on the instep, toes, and other friction parts of the shoes. This is a type of contact dermatitis caused by skin allergies to leather, rubber and other shoe materials. . Some people also have blood blisters from their bare feet wearing shoes.

Wearing barefoot shoes exposes a large amount of skin on the feet, increasing the chance of trauma and mosquito bites. Dust and germs in the air directly adhere to the skin, which not only makes the feet dirty, but also causes wounds such as worn-out blood blisters. Cause infection. Moreover, the ultraviolet rays in the sun stimulate the skin to produce a large number of oxidative free radicals, and the free radicals can damage the skin cell tissues, accelerate the oxidation reaction of melanin production, make the skin dull, rough and lose its elasticity, and also reduce the skin's resistance. In addition, people usually do not put sunscreen on their feet or do regular inspections, which easily increases the risk of skin cancer.