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Precautions for wearing socks in summer

2021-05-11 14:33:21

1. In summer, try not to wear shoes barefoot, especially those with skin allergies. It is best to choose thin cotton socks with good sweat absorption effect, which will not be stuffy.

2. The socks should be changed and washed every day, rubbed gently, and rinsed off.

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3. When choosing men's socks, the most important thing is the yarn composition of the socks.

To avoid the odor of socks, the natural fiber content should be above 55%. Natural fibers include cotton, hemp and mulberry silk. Among them, hemp has the most excellent performance. Hemp has natural antibacterial and antibacterial functions, and has better moisture absorption and perspiration performance than cotton and chemical fiber, so it gives people a "dry" and "cool" feeling. But socks containing more than 55% hemp are relatively rare in China. In contrast, men's socks with a cotton content of more than 55% are an economical choice. Cotton is a soft and comfortable natural fiber with moderate moisture absorption, air permeability and comfort, and its price is relatively cheap.

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4. Women should not wear stockings in summer, which affects perspiration and can cause skin inflammation.

After women put on stockings, the socks are tightly hooped on their legs, which is not conducive to pore dilation and hinders the discharge of sweat. Due to poor sweat discharge, skin metabolites such as inorganic salts are irritated, which can make the skin itchy and severe. Sometimes it will cause inflammation. Especially in the hot summer climate, sweat excretion is affected, and heat dissipation of the human body is affected, and heat stroke is prone to occur.