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How to choose a good pair of socks, how to maintain the socks

2021-05-07 19:14:53

The socks under our feet should be changed every day like clothes. Socks not only keep warm, absorb sweat, but also dress up. So a good pair of socks can keep you in a good mood for the day. So how do you judge whether a pair of socks is good or bad?

Taking cotton socks as an example, regardless of the functionality of socks, whether it is formal socks, casual socks or other, as long as it is a pair of qualified socks, the following 4 points should be met at the same time:

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1. Toe seam position Hand Linked

Qualified socks usually use professional equipment for Hand Linked production process when processing the seam position.

2. Sock heel does not run around

Qualified socks leave enough space at the heel to "fit" the heel inside.
For qualified socks, the solution to the non-displacement of the sock heel is to make the sock body have its own structure, try to simulate the state of the foot during the weaving process, and make the "long" of the sock heel more like a heel.

3. Socks won't fall

The sock tube runs down during the journey, and even falls to the ankle as soon as it runs to the end, which has little to do with the length of the sock tube. It is only related to the way the threaded section of the sock is made. Qualified socks adopt the real thread weave method to solve the problem of the socks not falling down.

4. Socks have sizes

From the perspective of wearing experience alone, one size and one socks are obviously the best choice.

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How to wash and maintain socks:

When washing the socks after wearing them, please pay attention: wash them separately. One is to prevent other clothes from being scratched by the zippers and other pendants, and the other is to prevent the spread of bacteria on the feet to other clothes, especially underwear.

Ordinary cotton socks should be washed frequently and changed frequently. Soak them in clean water for about 1 hour when they are replaced, and then rub them with soap and hot water, so that the dirt will easily fall off.