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Cotton socks pilling,Why choose cotton socks?

2021-05-06 18:07:56

People with beriberi can know if they are pure cotton socks by wearing socks. Pure cotton socks have good air permeability and little odor. If the socks are made of ice silk, polyester cotton or polyester fiber, they will be very smelly and uncomfortable to wear.

How to choose cotton socks? Generally, girls do not need to pursue high cotton content. Many girls have no athlete's foot. If you want comfort and softness, choose combed cotton. Combed cotton will give priority to long and good quality. Made of fine yarn, delicate and soft.(Ji Xing FengCustom Purified Cotton Socks Factory)

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Can pure cotton socks eliminate pilling?

Generally, socks contain more cotton and have more pilling. Many socks that contain only 20% cotton do not pilling. But not everyone wears them. The amount of pilling depends on the smoothness of the inner wall of your shoes.The shoes are good, the inner wall is smooth, there is little friction, and the pilling can be ignored. If the shoes have high friction, the pilling will be the place where the friction is the most.

The pilling of socks is because the surface of the cotton yarn used to make socks will have long and short hairiness, which will cause pilling after friction; pure cotton socks cannot be 100% free of pilling because of the characteristics of the material.

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Advantages of pure cotton socks

Seeing this, I believe you have a certain understanding of why cotton socks pilling. Although pure cotton socks can pilling, they are also soft, comfortable, warm, absorb sweat, keep the soles and insoles from slipping, and have health care. And so on, durable and durable. It doesn't smell bad, and it is a must-have item for people to exercise.