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Let your baby learn to wear socks and shoes

2021-04-26 18:32:57

Let baby to learn to do their own things from an early age is extremely beneficial to their growth. When the child gradually learns to take care of himself under your guidance, you will also have a sense of accomplishment. In the past, you might think how to teach your baby to wear shoes and socks is a difficult problem, but after reading the method suggested by Ji Xing Feng today, this problem can be easily solved.

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Steps to wear socks:

In the first step, parents roll the socks to half, leaving only the toes on the front edge of the socks, which reduces the difficulty of wearing socks.

In the second step, pass the socks to the baby, and then let the baby put the socks on the feet. The process of baby bending over and putting on socks can exercise the waist and leg muscles, and can also train the coordination of hands, eyes and feet.

The third step is to let the baby pull up the socks by himself. The baby will usually pull it up hard and show off. Pulling socks requires the use of thumb and index finger, which exercises finger flexibility.

After the three steps are completed, regardless of whether the socks are in the correct position, you must use hugs and applause to praise the baby, so that he will be more confident to wear socks next time.

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Steps to put on shoes:

Babies wear shoes to protect their feet, especially after they learn to walk, they have various types of shoes. When you first teach your baby, you must choose the kind of sticky shoes that are easy for your baby to wear.

In the first step, the mother can take the doll to demonstrate the baby's shoes, and let the baby watch every step of the action. The most important thing is to let the baby learn to identify the left shoe and the right shoe. This is the baby's own shoes. Foundation.

In the second step, when the baby puts on the shoes by himself, close the shoes and put them in front of the baby. The buckle of the shoes is open. The mother stands beside him, first let the baby step forward and put her feet in the placed shoes. Let the baby press the adhesive tape. This will make the baby feel that it is easy to put on shoes and build up self-confidence.