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Why do the washed socks become hard?

2021-01-28 11:20:37

There are many kinds of socks, and the socks of each material feel different. The newly bought socks are very soft, snug and comfortable. But after washing a few times, the socks began to harden, become inelastic, and even stand up. What is the reason?

1. Excessive sweating in the feet

Our feet often sweat, which causes our socks to be immersed in water. The inorganic salt in the sweat will absorb water and aggravate the adhesion. As a result, the fine fibers will not open, so the socks will become hard.

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2. Wash more
After the new socks are repeatedly washed, the fibers will lose their original shape after repeated stress, and the fibers that maintain the softness will break and fall off. As a result, the parts that are often rubbed are aging or even disappear, and the fibers lose the possibility of supporting each other, and they cannot be fluffy.

3. The water used daily is hard water
The tap water we use daily is just to filter out all kinds of impurities and dirt in the water and send it to thousands of households. Water contains a lot of minerals, such as magnesium ions and calcium ions. This water is hard water.

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If there is hard water, there is also soft water. When tap water is boiled, hard water is converted to soft water. When boiling water, some minerals will gradually precipitate as the water temperature rises to form a white substance at the bottom of the kettle, which is what we often call scale. Its main component is calcium carbonate.

Wash the socks with hard water, the minerals in it will penetrate into the fabric fibers, and of course the socks will harden over time.

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4. Detergent residue
The traditional washing powder and liquid detergent we use contain a lot of chemical substances, such as fluorescent whitening agent, phosphorus, hydrolase, etc. They are easy to remain in the fibers of the clothes, not to mention harm our health, but also cause socks. hardening. After you wash the socks, you can touch the dehydrated clothes with your hands. If you feel a little sticky, it means that there are a lot of washing chemicals remaining on the socks.