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What kind of socks are suitable for your feet?

2021-01-29 10:56:49

Just like prescribing the right medicine after illness, socks also depend on the choice of feet. Although socks are used to wear on the feet, socks of different materials have completely different functions. The choice of socks depends on yours.What kind of socks do you need for your feet?

Cotton socks suck sweat

If your feet are prone to sweating, you may wish to wear more pure cotton socks. Pure cotton socks are very hygroscopic. They can absorb most of the sweat from your feet and keep the shoes dry at all times to enhance the comfort of wearing socks. sense.

JI XING FENG Terry Socks for Women Manufacturer, women half terry socks sport socks:

Material: 80% cotton 15% polyester 5% spandex

Feature : fashion,sporty,comfortable,breathable

Color   : purple,pink or as customized

Bamboo fiber socks deodorant

In addition to carefully washing your feet to prevent foot odor, choosing the right socks can also prevent foot odor. Bamboo fiber socks have natural antibacterial and antibacterial effects. They have the special function of removing mites and deodorizing, which can effectively remove odors on feet and make feet Keep it dry and refreshing.

Bamboo Fiber Socks in China:

Material: 80% bamboo cotton 15% polyester 5% spandex

Feature: fashion,soft,,deodorant,breathable

Wool socks keep warm

When it’s cold, many people’s feet are cold from morning to night. At this time, a pair of warm socks are needed to withstand the cold weather. Wool socks or rabbit fur socks have the best warmth.

JI XING FENG Wool Socks Manufacturer China:

Material: 72% wool 18% polyester 10% spandex

Feature: comfortable,breathable,warm,fashion

Polyester socks prevent dryness

Compared with socks of other materials, polyester socks have better elasticity and bulkiness, and are lighter when worn on the feet, but their water absorption is very poor, and those with dry feet are suitable for wearing this kind of socks.