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What to do if the socks are too tight?

2021-11-02 11:48:32

When we usually wear socks, we never pay attention to whether the socks are too tight. But do you know? Tight tightness of the sock may also cause physical injury. Why is this?

Too tight socks are bad for health

The ankle is an important gateway for the blood circulation of the foot. If the sock cuff is tight, the venous blood can flow back to the heart through the ankle smoothly. The burden on the heart increases, which may even cause high blood pressure for a long time.

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People often feel cold feet, which may also be caused by the tightness of the socks. It is caused by the inability of arterial blood to reach the feet in time, resulting in a decrease in the metabolism of the feet. In addition, the tight mouth of the sock will also cause the stratum corneum of the foot skin to thicken, become rough and dry, and cause corns and foot pads over time.

Socks are related to the health of the elderly

Middle-aged and elderly friends should pay more attention, because this kind of people often have different degrees of hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis. The local compression of the ankle by the sock will often lead to increased blood pressure, and even cause heart disease in severe cases. Diabetes patients often have poor blood circulation in the lower limbs and feet of different degrees. Too tight the socks is tantamount to "making things worse", and it is easy to induce or aggravate the diabetic foot.

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Therefore, when we choose socks, in addition to paying attention to their texture and size, we should also look at the tightness of the socks. What should I do if the socks that I have bought are too tight?

1. Use an object or put it on the index finger and match the middle finger and thumb to pull the sock tightly, and then you can see the inner ribs one by one, use a sewing needle to pick out the ribs and cut off the excess parts.

2. Use a steam iron to quickly "fatify" the sock opening. The specific method: first measure the circumference of the ankle with a soft ruler, and then find a waste cardboard box with a moderate width to prop up the sock opening according to the texture of the socks. , Set the temperature of the electric iron, and lightly iron the socks on both sides, so that the tight socks can be much looser.
3. Change to a suitable size.

Our ankle is still a very sensitive part, so if the socks we choose are too tight, it will cause poor blood circulation, and we will suffer a lot of injuries. So for our own health, we can choose some right Let's talk about looser socks.