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What socks are suitable for pregnant mothers?

2021-10-18 10:28:59

Pregnant mothers themselves will feel very tired due to some physiological changes during pregnancy. In order not to add more fatigue to the body, please pay attention to as loose as possible when dressing at this time. In the third trimester, the feet of pregnant women are still There will be edema, so you must pay attention to the tightness of the socks, otherwise it will hinder the swollen legs and feet of the pregnant mother, and the venous return will be hindered, making it more swollen. So what socks are suitable to wear during pregnancy?

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1. Loose and comfortable: It is necessary for pregnant women to choose cotton, loose and comfortable socks in the third trimester. If you choose to wear too tight socks at this time, it will cause blood circulation obstacles, which will be different in the third trimester. The phenomenon of degree of edema, this will make the situation more serious, and even more symptoms will appear.

2. Good sweat absorption: Many women will completely ignore how to choose socks during pregnancy. In fact, socks are also a very important part of dressing. During the third trimester, socks must not only be loose but also have strong sweat absorption. Good breathable socks are very important to the health of pregnant women.

3. Anti-slip: In the third trimester of pregnancy, women will be awkward in physical movement due to the influence of the big belly, and will have a certain impact on the sight of the bottom of the feet. If you can choose a pair of non-slip socks, it will be harmful to pregnant women. Safety is a certain guarantee, so it is necessary to choose socks with good anti-slip properties during the third trimester.

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If there are these three changes in your socks, you should throw them away. If you continue to wear them, it will be very harmful to your body. Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to them, because the pregnant mother has problems and harms more than one person.

1. If pregnant mothers find that their socks have lost their elasticity, discard them decisively. Because after losing the elasticity, the socks will become larger, which will increase the friction with the feet, so that the pregnant mother will not follow the feet when walking and exercising, especially if sweating will be more dangerous, and the soles of the feet will have a slippery feeling. It is easy to fall off your shoes and even get injured by a fall.

2. There are discomforts such as tightness and tingling on the socks, which means that the socks are not suitable for pregnant mothers, especially the mothers in the late pregnancy have edema, and they should not wear tight socks, which are not only harmful to blood circulation, but also aggravated The condition of edema.

3. The heel has become thinner, and the socks have been worn for a long time. Many heels will be worn very thin. This kind of socks will increase the friction between the foot and the shoe, which can easily cause foot injury or blistering.