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What are the four elements of high-quality socks?

2021-10-16 11:10:37

Our daily socks are mainly comfortable and breathable, and the priority is to choose socks with cotton fiber as the main component and an appropriate amount of elastic fiber. Then make a careful selection according to the purpose and the wearing object. If you wear it during exercise, it should be soft and wear-resistant. Let’s talk about the four elements of high-quality socks today:

1.Sock-shaped appearance quality

The first thing consumers see is the flatness and fineness of the weave patterns and graphics of the socks, the symmetrical and flat shape of the socks, and the neatness of the socks packaging.

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2.Intrinsic quality of socks

The inner quality of the socks directly affects the comfort of wearing is the primary condition. The stretch size of the elastic head has different standard ranges for different types, the density and size standards of the socks, the fine density of the seam bone line, and the color fastness. It is best to reach the fourth level of the national standard.

3.The feel of the fabric

Fabric is an important factor that affects the grade of socks. The feel of fabric is the evaluation method of fabric quality. The feel of fabric is closely related to fiber raw material, yarn variety, fabric thickness, fabric weight, tissue structure, dyeing and finishing process. High-end products Especially pay attention to the feel.

4.Ingredient content and description

The ingredient content of the socks product is closely related to the comfort of the product and the price of the product. Therefore, when buying socks, consumers should pay great attention to the labeling of the ingredient content and product instructions on the product. The labeling is divided into product name and washing method. , Product standard number, product quality grade, inspection certificate, factory address, factory name, telephone and other eight items.

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How to maintain socks?

How to wash and store socks
1. Hand wash: Soak in clean water with a mild lotion, and gently rub and wash with your hands.
2. Machine wash: It is best to wash the socks separately to avoid the zippers or hardware hooks of the clothes.
3. Press dry: After washing, take it out, press dry, and gently stretch the sock to form a natural sock shape.
4. Drying: Put it in a cool and ventilated place and dry it.
5. The socks should be put away in time after they are dried to avoid being stained with dust.
6. Fold it in the shape of a sock and store it neatly separately.
7. Socks that are not worn during the season should be packaged and stored after washing.

Note: When storing socks, do not put them together with mothballs, otherwise the rubber-like mouth of the socks will melt and break. Mothball is an organic compound, which is generally used as an insect repellent for wardrobes and books, and as an anti-moth for industrial or agricultural products. Mothballs containing p-dichlorobenzene and naphthalene are pesticide products and should not be used in daily necessities.