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Are there any safety hazards in children's socks?How should I choose?

2021-10-19 12:07:37

Children's socks are socks worn by children,There are so many children's socks on the market. Parents will be dazzled if they are not careful. Even though there is a shopping guide, each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages, so what kind of children's socks should be worn by children?
Are there any safety hazards in children's socks?

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1. Please purchase children's socks with safety technology category A,National compulsory standards stipulate: Class A is products for infants and young children; Class B is products that directly contact the skin; Class C is products that do not directly contact the skin. Therefore, mothers should carefully observe the label when buying children's socks, and look for A-type products in the purchase.

2.Choose children's socks made of pure cotton, It is not suitable to buy chemical fiber children's socks. The texture of children's socks should be made of pure cotton with strong sweat absorption and air permeability. Pure cotton socks can be intimate with the baby's tender skin, comfortable and not irritating. On the contrary, socks made of chemical fiber not only do not absorb sweat, but also may cause skin allergies on the baby's feet due to the chemical components contained therein.

3. The design of children's socks on the socks should not be too tight, and the tightness should be moderate. The baby will pull the socks with his hands if they don’t know how to express the uncomfortable feeling, so mothers should pay attention to it; babies’ calves are short and thick, The sock tube should not be too long to avoid getting caught; the toe and the bottom of the sock should be thick, this is not only not easy to break, but also in summer can be very good insulation to prevent the baby from catching cold.

4. When buying children's socks, turn the socks and carefully check whether the seams inside are dense and firm, or if there is any thread entangled to prevent the thread from tangling the child's toes. Babies sweat a lot, so dark children's socks are easy to fade and irritate babies' sensitive skin. The simpler the color design, the higher the insurance factor of the socks, and the darker series should be selected as little as possible.

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Quality inspection requirements for children's socks:

1. At the beginning of the inspection, first check with the sealed sample to check whether the pattern, color, elastic, high heel, ribbed, hanging thread, and seam line are consistent, and at the same time check the socks off-machine process according to the process list.

2. During the inspection process:
a. Grasp the quality standards of each order, check whether the color of the veil and inner yarn of the socks of the same background color is the same, the virtual ring of the tie, the elasticity of the rubber band, the yarn, the wool needle, the thin pattern of the head, and the missing stitch of the seam. , Crooked corners, color blur, chromatic aberration and other defects.

b. Inspect whether the internal quality of the semi-finished product, such as the height of the mouth, the width of the mouth, the horizontal drawing of the sock, the horizontal drawing of the sock body, the straight drawing, the horizontal drawing of the sock corner, the straight drawing, the weight of the semi-finished product, etc., meet the process requirements.

c. When sampling socks, after checking the sealed samples, sampling at a rate of 30%. When the defective product rate accounts for 10%, the whole batch of socks shall be inspected or processed separately.

d. When inspecting the embroidery, you should check the sample socks, the size of the pattern, the color of the embroidery thread, whether the position is correct, no holes, no broken needles, no backing paper residue on the back of the embroidery, and the thread ends should be trimmed clean.

e. For the external processing of household sewing socks, it is necessary to check whether the sewing head is correct, whether the thread is matched with the color, the bottom thread and the upper thread are consistent.

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