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How to choose elastic stockings? How to use and maintain?

2021-10-20 12:05:07

In the eyes of many people, elastic stockings are used for body shaping by beautiful women. Wearing them can make your legs look longer and slimmer. In fact, it can not only meet women's needs for beauty, but for some special groups of people, it also has a health care function.

Medical elastic stockings can "tighten" the calf and "squeeze" the veins. On the one hand, it reduces the blood volume stasis in the veins. on the other hand, it cooperates with muscle exercises to squeeze the blood in the venous cavity to promote the veins. The effect of blood reflux, reducing venous blood prediction, alleviating soreness and discomfort, and delaying the progression of varicose veins of the lower extremities.

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How to choose medical elastic stockings?

Each pair of medical elastic stockings has different treatment pressures at different segments of the lower limbs. The appropriate level of elastic stockings should be selected according to your own condition:

First-level compression stockings: mainly used to prevent heaviness, fatigue, varicose veins, thrombosis and embolism in the legs, and to prevent economy class syndrome, and can be used to treat mild edema and mild varicose veins during pregnancy;

Secondary compression compression stockings: suitable for patients with obvious varicose veins, superficial phlebitis, or deep venous valve insufficiency, and also suitable for patients who have healed venous ulcers after treatment;

Three-level compression stockings: suitable for CVD patients with severe varicose veins with obvious edema or venous ulcers and patients with reversible lymphedema;

Four-level compression stockings: it is aimed at patients with severe post-thrombotic syndrome, severe skin ulcers and irreversible lymphedema.

The pressure level of the elastic stockings required by the patient, whether to wear a middle tube under the knee, a long tube, or a special type of trousers, should be combined with the actual situation and the length of the socks should be selected according to the lesion.

Make a plan based on the specific condition, and remember to choose blindly. Not only does it fail to achieve the effect, but it may aggravate the condition.

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Use and maintenance of medical elastic stockings

1. Wash your feet and trim your toenails and old skin before wearing.

2. According to the measurement, choose the appropriate type of elastic stockings.

3. Assess whether the patient has contraindications, explain to the patient the meaning and precautions of wearing elastic stockings, and obtain the patient's cooperation.

4. Take off or roll up the trouser legs, and check the legs and feet again for contraindications.

5. Reach into the elastic stocking tube with one hand, pinch the heel of the elastic stocking toe, and turn the elastic stocking tube to the heel of the elastic stocking with the other hand.

6. The thumbs of both hands are on the inner side of the stockings, the other four fingers hold the elastic stockings tightly, and the feet are inserted into the stockings. The thumbs of both hands are pushed into the elastic stockings. At the heel.

7. Flip back and pull up the legs of the socks in an orderly manner, and smooth the socks close to the body after wearing them.

8. When taking off the elastic stockings, coordinate the fingers to grasp the inner and outer sides of the elastic stockings, turn the elastic stockings outwards, and take them off along the legs.