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Why do basketball players love to wear towels stockings?

2021-10-21 14:27:02

People who love sports are not strangers for towel stockings, the exterior of towel socks is very similar to cotton socks, they are comfortable to wear and absorb sweat, they liked to many sports participants. Sports socks are more worn during exercise, so in the execution or game process, wearing sports socks with a lower napkin has a significant impact absorption effect.

Some friends who like to play basketball said: "Playing basketball, during the process by jumping to landing, the feet will feel shocked, so the socks and shoes are required to have a bit of impact absorption design , socks in Verry we call the design of the background of the towel. Since it has a certain thickness, it can alleviate this shock, and at the same time plays a protective role, which is advantageous to protect the feet ".

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Some people worry that the bottom of the towel is relatively more often than ordinary socks, air permeability will be bad?

In fact, no, professional sports socks will guarantee good breathability. The thickness does not mean a poor ventilation, its sweat absorption effect is better than normal subtle stockings, and professional sports socks have a good unhappy effect of sweat. They do not absorb sweat and collect it on socks like cotton socks. The cotton material is very good the moisturizing property, after wearing cotton socks, after playing a ball or a run, there will be a feeling of moisture and warmth, this because the absorbed sweat is not widespread, and the design of the background The towel will solve this problem to a certain extent.

What should I do if towel socks become difficult? How to clean towels from towels?

The towel socks are worn for a long time and the internal fiber voltage is reduced. Generally speaking, it will become hard after sun exposure. The solution is of vapor the towel or put the socks from towels in a hot water pot for 10-20 minutes, almost the product of the garrison can be solved.

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How to clean towels from towels?

1. Use the sodium bicarbonate, put an appropriate amount of sodium bicarbonate in the water, immerse the dirty socks in it and wash it with soap after five minutes. Sodium bicarbonate can effectively decompose sweat deposits in white socks.

2. Use the toothpaste, first immerse the dirty socks in clean water, squeeze the toothpaste on the socks, rub and wash. The toothpaste contains ingredients and cleaning scrubs, which can effectively clean the stains.

3. Use rice washing water, immerse rice washing water for about 20 minutes and wash with soap. Taomi Shui is a natural detergent with a powerful decontamination effect.