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What is the use of sports wristbands? How should I choose?

2021-11-04 10:45:39

The wrist is the body part that people move most often, and it is also one of the most vulnerable parts. The chance of tendinitis in the wrist of athletes is very high. To protect it from sprains or accelerate healing, wearing a wrist brace is one of the effective ways.

Features of sports braces

1. It has super elasticity, breathability and water absorption.

2. Prevent wrist joint injury, enhance wrist strength, be beautiful and comfortable, fully display sports style, and easy to wash.

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The role of sports braces

Sports wrist braces can slowly strengthen muscles and tendons and protect the wrists. Wearing wrist braces during exercise can help protect the wrists when the arm is resting on the ground during a fall. Wearing a wrist brace after a wrist injury can better reflect the role of the wrist brace. The specific functions are as follows:

1. Heat treatment

Sports wrist braces are used by most coaches and rehabilitation doctors to treat injured joints and tendons in thermal therapy. The wrist brace is made of high-grade elastic fabric, which can be completely tightly fitted to the site of use, preventing body temperature loss, reducing pain in the affected area, and accelerating healing.

2. Promote blood circulation

The heat of the material maintained by the sports brace can promote the blood circulation of the muscle tissue of the part, which is very effective for the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. In addition, good blood circulation can better exert the exercise function of muscles.

3. Supporting and stabilizing effect

Sports wrist braces can promote joints and ligaments to reduce the impact of external forces, and effectively protect joints and ligaments.

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How to choose a wrist brace?

There are two types of wrist braces, and athletes can choose the wrist brace with the corresponding function according to their needs.

1. Towel wristband have no protective effect on the wrist. The main function is to wipe sweat and decorate, and it can also prevent a large amount of sweat from the arm from flowing to the hand when worn on the hand. Suitable for daily running sports.

2. Pressurized protection wristband, it has a strengthening effect on the joints.This is a protective wrist brace, which is made of elastic and compressible materials. It can also help the damaged wrist joint to return to its normal state. It is very suitable for playing badminton, Tennis, iron or basketball.

The biggest function of the compression wristband is that it can limit the range of motion of the joint. For example, the limit of wrist turning is 90 degrees. If it exceeds this limit, it will damage the joint ligaments. The wrist brace can effectively reduce the excessive flexion and extension of the wrist. For example, the speed of the tennis ball is very fast. Wearing the wrist brace can reduce the impact force on the wrist at the moment the ball is touched and protect the wrist. Or when impacting heavy weight (such as pressing iron), the wrist support is not enough, and there is a greater probability of injury. In this case, it is very necessary to use the wrist to pressurize, so that the range of movement of the wrist is within seventy degrees.