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What are the common materials of dance socks? How should I choose?

2021-11-29 17:57:49

A very important item in the process of learning dance—dance socks. Dance socks can better beautify the curve of the legs. During the dance learning process, the teacher can see the direction of the muscles at a glance, which is convenient for training. How to choose dance socks is determined by different styles of dance.

The common materials of dance socks are cotton, rayon, and Tectel. In order to respond to the dancer's large leg movements, the fabric must be woven into highly elastic Leica material, and the other purpose is the Lycra ratio. The higher the elasticity, the stronger the restoring force, the longer-lasting durability, and the less easy to loose.

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Starting from ballet socks, let's take a look at the classification and nature of dance socks.
Tight-fitting ballet stockings are the same as tight-fitting dance suits. They must fit well so that the teacher can clearly see the line of the legs during the action. Students are usually required to wear light pink to see whether their postures and muscles are correct or not. If there are errors, the teacher can immediately find out and correct them at any time.
General standard foot dance socks
The whole pair of covered feet is the most basic dance socks. Especially in ballet classes, pink dance socks are often worn (with pink soft shoes), but black is also a very common color (black soft shoes are recommended).

What is the difference between ballet stockings and ordinary pantyhose: ballet stockings are designed for sports functions. In addition to the high elasticity ratio of Lycra, it must be able to absorb moisture and wick away sweat. In addition, ballet stockings adopt a seamless weaving method, and ordinary stockings have a clear line above the thighs. Wide weave stitching on the waistband. Especially when you put on a ballet suit, you will be embarrassed if the seams are exposed.

General standard flat dance socks
The ankle is made of plain weave, which is suitable for modern dance class (the foot will be slippery). At this time, black is the color that is commonly worn, and there is also pink.

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General standard burrowing dance socks
In the sole of the foot dance socks, a hole is specially opened, and the socks can be easily rolled up from the opening, which is very convenient when changing to hard shoes when you need to cover the toes or cover the toes. Some people also cut a hole in the ordinary foot-wrapped dance socks by themselves. This can also have the same effect, but the holes cut by themselves do not have the edge of the knitting edge, and the opening of the dance socks will keep expanding because of the elastic pulling of the dance socks.

Breathable dance socks with a special weave (usually with a back line + a hole in the sole)
This is designed for ballet dancers who must wear dance socks for a long time and sweat a lot due to practice. The special weaving method is to make the air vent of the whole pair of dance socks larger, and the air permeability is much higher than that of ordinary dance socks.