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How to clean and maintain wool socks

2021-11-27 15:23:31

Wool socks are very comfortable to wear, but how to effectively remove the dirt from the socks, clean them cleanly, and extend the life of the socks?

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Use neutral detergent

Wool socks need to be cleaned with neutral detergent, because wool socks contain a lot of animal fiber. If you use enzyme-containing detergent for cleaning, it will affect the fiber, not only affecting the comfort of wool socks, but even affecting their warmth sex.

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cleaning method

When washing woolen socks, you first need to add neutral detergent in warm water, stir well, soak the socks in it for about 10 minutes, and then slowly rub it with your hands to clean it. Do not use a washboard to rub it, so as not to cause The woolen socks are deformed. For socks and heels with more dirt, you can rub soap and rub to clean them.

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Dehydrate and dry

Wool socks need to be dehydrated and dried after cleaning. Wool socks cannot be wrung out directly. You should put the wool socks in a net bag and use a mobile phone to dry the water, and then place the wool socks in a ventilated and shaded place to dry, and you need to take good sun protection measures , So as not to be exposed to direct sunlight.