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Socks are easy to break, Are there any durable socks?

2021-11-27 15:02:33

Chemical fiber socks are durable and not easy to break, but they will smelly feet. You can choose cotton socks containing chemical fiber, which absorb sweat, breathe, and do not smelly feet. Socks are easy to break, there are many reasons, such as too long toenails, wearing for too long, not washing if they are dirty, poor quality of socks, etc., which will shorten the service life of socks.

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So, how to extend the service life of socks?

1. Toe nails are too long, which directly causes the socks to be cut or punctured. So be sure to cut your nails regularly.

2. No amount of sturdy socks can withstand the "erosion" of time. Small holes don't make up, so they can only be thrown away when they get bigger and bigger. Socks should be changed in time, you can swap between several pairs, don't wear the same pair of socks all the time.

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3. In summer, socks are left in excrement such as foot sweat, athlete's foot, and countless frictions between socks and feet and shoes, which accelerates the socks to be "corroded" and worn out quickly. Socks and feet should be washed frequently.

4. Bought poor quality socks, the quality is not guaranteed, so the socks are easily worn out. The solution is to check the material of the socks. Choose elastic, well-wrapped socks, as well as towel bottoms, which have good abrasion resistance, and good socks can last longer.

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The tendency of socks to break is also related to the personal habit of wearing socks. If the socks are lifted tightly, it is easy to cause holes in the socks. There is no gap between the socks and the shoes, and the friction will increase. You can buy five socks with separate toes, or leave some space when you wear them on the toes, Don't mention it too tightly.