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Should baby wear socks?

Kobe Yin 2018-09-19 14:15:55
Whether or not babies wear socks is mainly a traditional parenting requirement -- including summer.This is because of the traditional concept of "cold from the feet", and "cold" in the concept of traditional Chinese medicine is "cold evil", belonging to "exogenous evil", which is an external thing that can invade the human body, which needs prevention and resistance, so warm from the feet.

These traditional Chinese health care concepts are wrong, because ancient people did not understand why the feet are the easiest to feel cold.Therefore, the ancients intuitively believed that there was some kind of "cold evil" outside, and the cold evil first chose to invade the human body from the feet.But actually there is no such thing as cold evil in the outside world!The body perceives the same external temperature on the hands, feet and torso;But because the limbs are far from the heart and belong to the ends of the blood supply, the blood flow becomes slow and it is easy to feel cold.We feel cold feet is not an invasion of evil, but a difference in the speed of blood circulation within the body.

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After understanding this truth, it will be solved for the baby to wear socks: for the baby, the function of self-regulation is not fully developed, wearing socks is actually the same as wearing clothes, to keep warm and avoid heat loss.That is to say, if the external environment temperature is low in autumn and winter, socks should still be worn.If the temperature of the environment is relatively high in a relatively hot summer, and the temperature can be lowered through the heat dissipation of the feet, then socks are not necessary at this time!

Therefore, there is no need to worry about "wear or not wear socks". The baby can wear clothes and socks similar to the mother.When the mother needs socks, the baby wears them.Babies don't wear socks when their mother doesn't need them.Simple as that!

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