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What are socks stirrups?

Kobe Yin 2018-09-20 15:16:42
The socks are the same as the helmet, the face, the chest and the leggings, and the ankle guard. The sock is to protect the player's calf, prevent the calf from being scratched or stabbed by the attacking player. In the rules of professional competitions, it is not a suggestion for players to wear socks, but a rigid rule.

The stockings can effectively protect the athlete's calves and prevent muscle strain to some extent. The trouser legs can be bundled to prevent the trouser legs from obstructing movement and movement. Wearing a stocking also has an aesthetic effect.

Therefore, the sock is a tradition that baseball has retained. Because of the early development of American baseball, the dyeing technique for clothing is not high. Because the dyed fabric is directly harmful to the human body, there is a white socks inside and a sock inside. Awkward traditions.

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1. Can protect the athlete's calf. When the base is slippery, both the runner and the baseman's calf are very vulnerable parts. The former calf is in contact with the ground, and the latter is easily scratched by the spiked shoe.

2. Raise the leg to prevent the leg from obstructing movement and movement.

3. Prevent muscle strain to some extent.

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Almost all athletes have been plagued by injuries for a lifetime and need to reduce the chance of injury as much as possible. Therefore, the baseball rules stipulate that every athlete must wear a sock. Wearing a stocking is not a recommendation, it is an obligation.

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