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Treatment of baby's beriberi

Kobe Yin 2018-09-17 14:53:52
In general, if you find that your baby may have beriberi, it's best to go
to a hospital.If the diagnosis is beriberi, treatment is generally treated
like this:

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Drugs: topical antifungal drugs, the most commonly used is
"dunning".Other azole antifungal drugs, such as ketoconazole cream,
bibenzophenazole, etc.Acrylamide drugs, such as terbinafine,
butenafine, etc., can also be used on medical advice.If the condition is
serious, should also consider the oral antifungal drug treatment! A
typical course of treatment lasts at least four weeks, or longer.

General nursing: it is important to pay attention to hygiene and keep
the feet clean and dry at the same time of drug treatment, because
fungi do not grow easily in dry air.Should not share with others,
especially in the home already had this kind of medical history.

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Don't use the traditional Chinese medicine and remedies: on the issue
of child beriberi treatment, many mothers listen to rumors, adopt the
method of unreliable, such as traditional Chinese medicine to soak the
foot, vinegar bubble foot and open blisters feet, etc., questions about
the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as we have said many times,
here no longer say more, in a word, pure Chinese medicine effect is not
big, if the effect is good, is likely to join the western medicine

The cure of disease must go to normal hospital undertakes, do not
blindly believe a few folk prescription, lest delay a child, because
beriberi if cannot get active treatment, can continue to spread, produce
more serious infection, cure rises more difficult also thereby.So if you
suspect that the child has beriberi, be sure to see a doctor and
treatment in time.

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