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How to choose the color of socks for different types of leg?

2021-09-25 14:49:31

Simple base clothing as long as you are more attention to detail, you can give people a new and fashionable impression. Wearing stockings can have a great impact on the overall visual effect. As long as the color socks are combined correctly, you can also make your legs higher and slender, refer to the color correspondence rules, it is also possible to wear a couple of beautiful legs.

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1. Girls with slender figure and thin feet It is advisable to choose hot color socks to make the legs look plumper.

2. Those with short legs should choose socks of the same color of the shoes, which can visually produce a slender feeling. It is not advisable to choose brightly colored socks like red and green.

3. For those with thick legs, it is best to choose the dark brown, black and other dark socks and try to avoid colored light silk socks, so as not to visually produce the feeling of feet more fat.

4. Well proportionate legs, combine the color or style of socks are more beautiful. However, this type of socks have higher requirements for the shape of the legs, and the girls who are not confident in their leg shape should not try it easily, so the girls usually don't forget to exercise and keep your legs.

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The use of exposed socks must still be decided according to its own conditions. Basically, if you meet the condition of thin legs, choosing a favorite sock and stackable stockings under the calf will be very young. Of course, while paying attention to the shape of your legs, you must also remember to coordinate socks and shoes.

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