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Under what circumstances should yoga socks be used? How to choose suitable yoga socks?

2021-09-25 11:34:14

Yoga socks are auxiliary products for practicing yoga. The bottom of traditional yoga socks uses a special terry structure to provide cushioning and shock absorption for the feet during exercise. Yoga socks are provided with point-like plastic point anti-slip particles on the back, which can effectively prevent yoga practitioners from slipping their feet when doing movements, and effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners.

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Why wear yoga socks? Can I not wear it?

1. Wearing yoga socks in winter is to keep warm,It is recommended to choose yoga socks with loops, which are relatively thick, and the loops can be used to absorb shock. The anti-slip particles on the soles of the feet can not only prevent slippage, but also massage the feet department.

2. Summer yoga socks are mainly used for absorbing sweat and anti-skid,It is recommended to choose pure cotton breathable socks, and it is best to choose yoga socks with open insteps. This will not only have a good air dispersing effect, but also have better sweat absorption performance of pure cotton.

3. Yoga studios share yoga mats, and there are more people using yoga mats,It is easy to breed bacteria. For personal hygiene, it is recommended to wear yoga socks to reduce bacterial infections.

Yoga socks are not a necessary product in yoga practice, so you don't need to wear them when you practice yoga under the condition of ensuring hygiene and safety.

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How to choose yoga socks?

There are many types of yoga socks on the market,You can choose according to your needs, Let’s take a look at the functions of different yoga socks:

1. Full-toe yoga socks are more healthy and hygienic. Cover your feet in 360 degrees in all directions to prevent injuries during exercise.
2. Open back yoga socks, show the instep, avoid excessive sweating, this style of yoga socks is suitable for summer wear.
3. Open-toed yoga socks, this style is fashionable and novel, which can increase the transmission of feelings during yoga practice.
4. The two toes are integrated into yoga socks, which separate the thumb from the other four toes, which is fashionable and healthy.
5. In winter, it is recommended to choose yoga socks with loops, which keep warm and also play a role in shock absorption.
6. Anti-slip yoga socks. When the yoga movement is more difficult, you need to wear anti-slip yoga socks, which can effectively avoid slipping and have higher comfort.

Only good yoga socks can play a better role and achieve better results in practicing yoga.I hope that the above knowledge of yoga socks can help everyone.