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Why do babies like to take off their socks? Under what circumstances must babies wear socks?

2021-09-24 10:36:10

Generally speaking, by about 15 months of age, babies can already take off their socks. Why do children like to take off their socks? Inferring from common sense, as long as the child feels hot and uncomfortable to wear, the child wants to pull off the socks. But in fact, many children are "born" who don't like to wear socks, or subjectively, they don't want to wear socks and want to take them off. In addition, once the baby finds that he has the ability to take off his socks, he will repeatedly take off his socks. This process may also lead to self-satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

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The main function of socks is to keep warm, so as long as they are not cold and children do not like to wear socks, they do not need to wear them. There is no need to force them. In the following 4 cases, it is recommended to wear socks for your baby

1. Newborn baby

Because the body temperature mechanism of newborns is not perfect after birth, the mother is mainly responsible for providing energy to maintain body temperature in the womb. After birth, they rely on their own metabolism to supply energy.

However, the heart rate of newborns is very fast, up to 140-160 times per minute, and the corresponding peripheral circulation will be poor. Therefore, the little feet are often cold. It is recommended to put on loose socks to keep the baby warm. Or put something on the baby's lower limbs.

2. Toddlers with poor resistance

It is common in premature infants, ultralight infants, and malnourished infants. Due to their weak physique, Yang Qi deficiency, and insufficient peripheral blood supply, they are more afraid of cold than children of the same age, have lower body temperature all year round, and often catch colds and get sick.

In order to avoid cold feet and infections by germs, wearing socks can play a certain role in keeping warm, avoid catching cold, and children feel comfortable.

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3. When the indoor temperature is lower than 22 degrees

If the indoor temperature is lower than 22 degrees, or even lower, it is best to wear socks to keep your baby warm.

However, if the indoor temperature is above 22 to 25 degrees, and the baby’s neck and back are warm, dry and sweat-free, there is really no need to superfluously wear socks for the baby.

4. Children with cold feet after sleeping for a long time

In addition to some adults with weakened physical fitness, some children will also experience this situation. The feet are still cold after being hidden in the bed for a long time at night. In this case, you can put on a pair of loose and comfortable socks for your baby.