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How do sweaty men choose socks?How should foot perspire in winter?1

Kobe Yin 2018-11-12 10:20:14
1. First of all, the decomposition of organic matters in feet sweat, especially when feet sweat is mixed with chemical fiber fabric, will produce an unpleasant and pungent smell, namely feet odor.Second, foot sweat can form a relatively closed humid environment inside socks and shoes, inducing the growth of bacteria and fungi, leading to diseases such as beriberi.Again, sweat foot can volatilize the quantity of heat of the foot greatly in winter, cause foot bottom temperature is inferior bottom, do not make can freeze foot badly.Jixingfeng socks manufacturer the most excellent socks knitting company,which provide you with China wholesale men dress socks.

2. Although there are short-term inhibition methods for sweat feet, such as using alum or alum foam feet to reduce sweating, in daily life, men who sweat feet should pay more attention to the daily care of their feet.Socks and shoes are the most in contact with the feet, especially the socks are directly close to the feet and skin, so wearing a pair of appropriate socks is the key to maintaining sweaty feet.

3. For sweaty feet, it is ideal to choose the socks that absorb moisture and discharge perspiration. Meanwhile, the socks should choose the natural raw materials, which is not only comfortable to wear, but also not easy to smell and grow bacteria.

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