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Why wear split-toe socks?

2021-01-19 09:42:36

Split toe socks are divided into five-point toe socks and two-point toe socks. As the name suggests, five-point toe socks are socks that separate five toes, and split-toe socks are socks that separate the big toe from the other four toes.

What are the benefits of wearing finger socks?
It is more sweat-absorbing, anti-beriberi, foot odor (Hong Kong feet), more comfortable, more warm (anti-freeze feet in winter), and has a protective effect.

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1. Friends with onychomycosis can separate their toes well by wearing split-toe socks to prevent mutual infection between toes!

2. The advantage of wearing split-toe socks is that there will be no pain between the toes, and the tip of the toe will not hurt even if it touches the shoes. It also makes the big toe easy to move, allowing each toe to move freely, reducing the squeezing between the toes, and promoting blood circulation;
3. The biggest advantage of wearing split-toe socks is that the socks will absorb the sweat between your toes, make the air between the toes flow smoothly, and effectively prevent the odor of athlete's foot!

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4. The split-toe socks also have the effect of heat preservation. According to the test: the temperature of the feet wearing split-toe socks and ordinary socks after a whole day is completely different, and the separation of the toes is good for health;
5. Wearing split-toe socks can reduce the squeezing force of the socks, thereby enhancing the wear resistance of the socks and extending the life of the socks;
6. Split-toe socks play a preventive role in shaping the shape of the foot, such as preventing common folded toes, correcting toes, and toes are flexible, comfortable and natural.

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Disadvantages of Five Finger Socks:

1. Can't wear small pointed shoes, not suitable for people who are wide and big when the script comes, or it will feel bigger.
2. It’s hard to wear, one toe needs to be worn in one toe. People who want to overcome laziness can try it.