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Why wear socks and do they have any effect on sports?

2020-11-03 15:35:46

Socks are organized by three parts: socks, socks and socks. There are many types of socks, according to the length of the socks: there are stockings, middle socks, short socks and boat socks (invisible socks); according to the type of socks Divided: There are household registration socks, Luokou socks and rubber socks; according to the object of use: there are men's socks, women's socks and children's socks.

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Why wear socks, can't just wear shoes?
Socks have sweat absorption, warmth, accessories and play a role in easing friction during exercise.
When socks first appeared, they mainly played the role of foot protection, so that the feet can not be affected by the cold in winter. As a spacer between feet and shoes, socks play a role in protecting and beautifying the feet. It can also absorb sweat and remove odor. Without this barrier, bacteria can easily grow on the feet, causing the skin to become red and itchy. Especially in summer, people’s feet are prone to sweating. Wearing shoes without socks, especially shoes with poor air permeability such as plastic sandals and travel shoes will make the skin of the feet soak in sweat directly, while the fungus is hot and humid. It is very easy to grow in the environment, and foot fungal infection will occur, which can induce athlete's foot.

For sports socks, it has many functions that ordinary socks do not have. JI XING FENG produces sports socks suitable for different sports for different sports designs.
So what are the functions of sports socks? What is the difference between sports socks for different sports?
1. The three-dimensional design can better protect the feet; avoid blistering, redness and swelling to reduce sports injuries;
2. Sports socks have better moisture absorption and perspiration performance than ordinary socks;
3. Compared with ordinary socks, sports socks are more comfortable;
4. Good wrapping, relieve fatigue from long-term exercise;

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Yoga socks: The bottom of the yoga socks has a rubber particle anti-skid design. Special anti-skid socks can effectively prevent yoga practitioners from slipping their feet when doing movements, and effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners. Secondly, yoga practitioners sweat when practicing barefoot, which is very unhygienic on the floor or public yoga mats, so using yoga socks can not only effectively maintain their own hygiene, but also maintain public health.
Running socks: Running socks are designed for runners who pursue fine and breathable running socks. Today's high-performance socks can not only keep your feet dry and comfortable, but they also act as cushions and support your feet. Running socks can provide support and help prevent slipping.
Ski socks: When skiing, when the socks are too low, the skin and the inner boots of the snowshoes will have direct contact, and it is easy to cause swelling and pain due to friction. Therefore, it is necessary to design long socks (high waist) for ski socks.

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Basketball socks: Basketball socks are divided into high waist and low waist. The purpose of the stockings on the basketball court is completely different from that on the football court: football players always stock up to the knees, which is to fix the guard plate of the front bone of the calf. Although basketball stockings also have the function of tightly wrapping the calf muscles, their sports protection It's not as big as football stockings.

In the choice of material, it is necessary to choose pure cotton texture, which is soft and absorbs sweat. Wear special sports socks for special items. For some antagonistic items, such as football, socks have a high waist. The purpose is to protect the lower legs, which must not be ignored during exercise.