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What kind of yarn are socks made of?

2020-11-04 16:31:01

Socks material-Lycra
Lycra is a spandex fiber, but it is a brand name registered by DuPont. In 1958, DuPont of the United States invented and produced a unique man-made elastic fiber, which can be mixed with various man-made and natural fibers and processed into various types of garments. Its extraordinary stretch and recovery properties make all fabrics great Add color.

Socks material--nylon
nylon is the name of a synthetic fiber with Chinese characteristics, and its scientific name is polyamide fiber.nylon and nylon are similar in nature, strong and wear-resistant, and are the most wear-resistant and strongest among synthetic fibers. The weight is very light and the elasticity is good. Adding nylon to the socks can maintain high-strength elasticity.

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Socks material--nylon
Nylon was developed by American scientists and a scientific research team led by them. It was the first synthetic fiber in the world. The emergence of nylon has given a brand new look to textiles. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry and an important milestone in polymer chemistry.

Socks material--acrylic
Acrylic fiber is polyacrylonitrile, which is characterized by softness, lightness and warmth, and is called "artificial wool". Its weight is more than 10% lighter than wool, but it is more than twice as strong. Acrylic fiber will not be mildewed, and will not be eaten by insects, and its resistance to sunlight is twice that of wool and 10 times that of cotton.

However, acrylic fiber fabric has a very big disadvantage that it is easy to pilling and has poor abrasion resistance. Acrylic fiber is added to the fabric to enjoy its soft and warm

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Socks material-combed cotton
Combed cotton is the long and neat cotton fibers that are left after the shorter fibers in ordinary cotton fibers are removed by a machine called a comber. Due to the removal of short cotton fibers and other fiber impurities, the yarn spun from combed cotton is more delicate and the finished product feels smoother and more comfortable.

Socks material-mercerized cotton
Mercerized cotton is cotton fiber that is processed by mercerizing process in concentrated alkali solution. This kind of cotton fiber has better gloss than ordinary cotton fiber, smoother hand feeling and less wrinkle under the premise of no change in other physical indicators.

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Socks material-spandex
Spandex is an elastic fiber with high elasticity and strong stretchability. Its stretched length can reach 5-7 times of the original fiber. The textile products with spandex can always maintain the original contour. The composition of the socks must contain spandex in order to make the socks have elasticity and shrinkage, easy to wear, and make the socks more fit to the feet.