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Why has stink prevention socks become the focus of the antibacterial industry? 1

Kobe Yin 2018-06-02 09:37:21
Antibacterial technology has been applied in every aspect of people's life. The industries of textile, ceramics, plastic products, metal products, household appliances and so on are highly concerned by the antibacterial industry.Whether it's the knife you pick up in the kitchen or the toilet you squat on in the bathroom.Both are areas of high concern to the antimicrobial society.Different from previous years, stink prevention socks have become a prominent category of this year's volunteers.

Since 2013, men antibacterial socks China have been sold through e-commerce, reaching an annual sales volume of millions.In 2015, wechat business will rapidly expand the market of stink prevention socks, with the sales volume of dozens of brands reaching nearly one billion yuan.

As people living standard and the rising demand for health, and China wholesale men deodorant socks category pioneer, and then the influence of the brand intervention to promote the category, at that time the smelly socks became the focus of consumers.

In recent years, China wholesale men deodorant socks have developed rapidly in China, becoming the most growing category in the Chinese socks industry.According to the calculation, antibacterial and stink prevention socks in China will probably grow into an emerging industry with annual output of more than 30 billion yuan.