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Why has stink prevention socks become the focus of the antibacterial industry? 2

Kobe Yin 2018-06-28 09:39:39
Antibacterial technology has been applied in every aspect of people's life. The industries of textile, ceramics, plastic products, metal products, household appliances and so on are highly concerned by the antibacterial industry.Whether it's the knife you pick up in the kitchen or the toilet you squat on in the bathroom.Both are areas of high concern to the antimicrobial society.Different from previous years, stink prevention socks(deodorant cotton socks suppliers) have become a prominent category of this year's volunteers.

What's good about stink prevention hosiery socks(antibacterial cotton socks manufacturers)?

The human foot is kept in a tight and moist environment for a long time, which is easy to breed hundreds of species of bacteria. Although you can't see it, there are so many bacteria eating your feet.

Anti-odor socks use the leading antibacterial technology, can effectively inhibit bacteria.Nowadays, most of the anti-odor socks on the market use "silver fiber" just like babies wearing silver jewelry, which has a good antibacterial effect on human body.

And this is exactly the antiodor socks and the market early existence of the general cotton socks the biggest gap.Also is the common cotton socks difficult to compare the important factor.

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