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Why do your socks break easily? How to avoid it?

2021-06-18 14:20:22

The toes and heels of socks are the most prone to breakage, because when walking, some people’s center of gravity falls on the back heel, and some people’s center of gravity falls on the forefoot. The places where socks are often worn are the most vulnerable. The first reason is the quality of the socks themselves, and the second reason is the problems of the soles of their feet.

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Reason one:

Whether the socks are easy to break has a special index called abrasion strength. It is determined by the fiber length of the sock raw material and the number of stitches of the sock weaving.Take care when buying socks,You can still buy socks that are relatively hard to break.

1. The quality of the sock toe stitching has a lot to do with whether it is easy to break
Machine-sewn heads are easier to break than hand-sewn ones. Hand-sewn socks are more durable and comfortable.

2. The socks are too small
Some people may have larger feet, so the socks they buy will be smaller. Although they can be worn because of the elasticity, they are most likely to break when the elasticity is close to the maximum.

And generally men wear socks that are easy to break, women's socks are generally not easy to break, so you need to choose carefully when buying socks.

Reason two:

1. When the big toe is longer, the position of the toe of the socks is easy to break because the fabric of the socks is easily broken.

2. The toenails are too long and the socks are easy to cut.At this time you should trim the toenails;

Of course, shoes will also have a certain impact on the socks. The hole in the heel is caused by the friction between the shoes and the socks, indicating that the shoes do not fit; but it is mainly determined by the socks themselves.

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How to choose socks

1) Don't choose socks made of 100% cotton. Because the abrasion strength of socks mainly depends on the inner yarn, which is the elastic yarn inside the socks, such as spandex, nylon, etc. How to distinguish it? First, look at the ingredients on the trademark. Spandex is the best, which is stronger than nylon. The second is to grab the sock and pull it straight,The elastic one has the inner yarn.

2) choose Reinforcing the toe and heel a socks, that the toe and heel are made of more raw materials,such socks are not easy to break.

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