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What kind of experience is it like not wearing socks?

2021-06-21 13:49:37

In the hot summer, there are often people who are afraid of sweaty feet and are too stuffy. They only wear shoes without socks. Do you have such a friend by your side? Sweat your feet, but don't wear socks all year round?

Reasons for dislike wearing socks:

1. Part of the reason why people who don’t like to wear socks is that wearing socks is too stuffy and will sweat;

2. Some people feel that the socks are tied to the ankles, and there is a sense of restraint, and the socks will be itchy if they stick to the skin! Especially the patterned socks with a lot of lines inside.

China Cotton Socks Factory Ji Xing Feng supplies pure cotton breathable socks, which absorb sweat and breathe, and don't feel stuffy.The tightness of the socks is suitable, so you don’t have a sense of restraint.

3. The length of socks is difficult to control. Socks that are half-length and not short are not easy to match and will slide down. Even if they are worn just right, they will shrink and become shorter after a few steps.

4. Some girls don't wear socks because they want to show off their beautiful feet and expose the nail polish that has just been applied.

5. Some people simply prefer the sticky feeling between shoes and feet. Of course, it is not ruled out that some people are lazy and do not need to wash socks without wearing socks.

Ji Xing Feng Custom Purified Cotton Socks Factory can customizes various types of socks according to your needs.

What will you experience without wearing socks?

1. The skin is directly "burned" by the sun in summer: the ultraviolet rays in the sun will stimulate the skin of the feet, accelerate the production of melanin, and make the skin rough and lose its elasticity.

2. Causes skin keratosis and dermatitis: The direct contact between the foot and the shoe makes it easy to make the stratum corneum of the heel, toe and other parts that often come in contact with the shoe become longer and thicker. It is also prone to symptoms such as skin redness, pimples, and blisters at the friction site.

3. Increase the chance of trauma and infection / easy to cause fungal infections: wearing shoes barefoot exposes the skin of the feet, often being bruised or bitten by mosquitoes, and walking too much will make the feet wear and bleed. The bacteria in the air adhere to the skin, and if there is a wound on the skin, it can also cause infection. Poorly breathable shoes will directly soak the skin of the feet in sweat. The fungus is very easy to grow in the hot and humid environment, and foot fungal infection will occur.

What is the effect of wearing socks:

1. Keep warm in winter and absorb sweat in summer.

2. Reduce the friction between the foot and the shoe, and protect the skin of the foot from being abraded;

3. Increase the gap between the foot and the shoe, which is convenient for wicking and absorbing sweat, and reduces the breeding of bacteria;

4. The organic cooperation between socks, shoes and clothes can show everyone's beauty and self-cultivation.