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How to solve the problem of socks sliding down?

2021-06-22 15:40:38

Summer is here, and it's the day of bare legs. However, despite the glamorous appearance of some people, the socks have actually slipped to the bottom of their feet. When we wear socks, we should all have encountered the situation that the socks will fall down, and it will be uncomfortable to wear. So How to solve the problem of socks sliding down?

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1. If you are unfortunate enough to buy inferior socks that are loose and do not wrap your ankles well, it is very likely that every time you walk, the socks will slowly slide to the sole of your feet along with the collision between the heel and the heel.

You can use double-sided tape to stick to the socks and shoes, so that the socks are firmly attached to them, and when you take off the shoes, they will not be left.

2. The arch of a person's instep is called the arch of the foot. The height of the arch of the foot is different for different people, and this height will affect the size of your socks.
If you have a high arch, socks of the same size will feel a little loose and uncomfortable.
If you have flat feet, socks of the same size may be worn by you as boat socks. The socks are not suitable and will fall off no matter how you walk.

People with high arches can buy socks one size smaller, and those with flat feet can wear one size larger socks.

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3. Problems with shoes or insoles

The shoes are too big: the friction between the shoes and the feet is also very small, which is not conducive to the feet holding the ground, and the socks will fall more easily. So it is best to choose shoes that suit you.

The insole is too smooth: When the insole of our shoes is too slippery, the friction between the feet and the socks is greater than the friction between the shoes and the socks, so the socks will easily slip off.

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How to choose socks

Buy elastic cotton socks of the right size (Lycra or spandex material); pay attention to the heel when buying boat socks, there are rubber patches to increase friction.

Socks maintenance method
When washing stockings, avoid rubbing hard and rubbing on a hard board to prevent the socks from slipping out or breaking after strong friction; it is also not advisable to wash the socks with hot water higher than the degree, otherwise the socks will be heated after being heated. Larger shrinkage occurs, making the bottom of the sock smaller. If the socks are not elastic enough, the socks will lose their elasticity after a few stretches, and they will fall off easily.