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Why do you wear football socks for playing football?

2021-09-02 14:40:33

Every time we watch a football match, we can see the athletes all wearing stocking.What is the effect? In fact, although it is a pair of small socks, it contains many scientific principles.

Football socks originated in the 1920s. At that time, football fields were all natural grass, Players would wear woolen stockings to prevent mosquito bites on the grass.

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1. Protecting the calf is the most important thing;
2. At the same time, it is to install the leg shields, and it must be made into a long tube;
3. Wearing ball socks makes the muscles of the legs tense and more concentrated;
4. The colors of the socks of the players of the two teams on the field are generally different, so the players can more easily distinguish between opponents and friends in a melee;
5. It is convenient for the referee to distinguish the legs of the two players and improve the accuracy of the judgment.

How to choose the football socks that suit you

1. Professional player socks are generally made of Lycra cotton. Generally speaking, towel bottom socks are the most cost-effective. For ball socks, there is no real cotton ball socks. Generally, the cotton yarn content of ball socks is about 60% to 85%. Socks need a certain degree of elasticity, which must add a certain amount of elastic fiber during the weaving process (generally It's spandex). For the purpose of reinforcement and elasticity, the toe, heel and crotch of the sock often use man-made fibers, and the sum of the two is about 15-40%. So what we call pure cotton (cotton) socks means that the yarns other than elastic fibers and hanging threads are all cotton.

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2. Find a comfortable length: The stockings for official competitions usually reach above the knee, because the leg guards must be hidden. When playing football, shorter socks are easy to move flexibly. If you encounter cold weather, wear longer socks.

3. Personalized choice: You can choose a variety of technical specifications, such as ribbed ankle support, deodorant technology, mesh ventilation, Achilles tendon cushioning and arch support, all of which can improve your sports performance on the court.

4. Weigh fabric components: synthetic fabrics such as polyester fiber and spandex can improve the breathability of socks, and natural fabrics such as pure cotton can increase comfort and warmth. Choosing the right fabric ratio is the key.

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Use note
The thickness of the socks is not necessarily related to the foaming of the feet. Wearing two layers of socks will make it easier to slip, and the feet are naturally more likely to foam. It is best not to use a washing machine to clean the socks, which will make the socks lose their elasticity, and do not soak them for more than 20 minutes.

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